Friday, July 9, 2010

Sunny day.......

So for the past few days it has been extremly hot!! To the point of taking a shower getting out and needing another nasty! Yesterday at around 2 it was 84 degrees in our house, so i packed the kids in the car turned up the ac and we went and got milk shakes : ) Today it is another hot day out again 84 degrees in my house....lame! I think the perfect temp. would be right around 75 degrees. Luckly we have two ac units one in our room which doesn't seem to work as well as the one we have in teigan and pipers room. There room is like an ice chest when the rest of the up stairs is around 95! So tonight i think we will be setting up our mattress in the kids room and having a sleep over ; ) Earlier today we got to go crash at holly's house, or maybe i should say holly's park she has a play house, a pool, a slip and slide, a swing set, and a ton more to play with!! Teigan had so much fun play with squirt guns and sliding down a slide into the pool, and piper took claim to the play house she loved it. There was shade for me to sit in and friends to talk to so i was perfectly happy! Oh and i got to hold a sweet little baby : )............well soon i will get around to posting some pictures!

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  1. Heck yah you had cool friends to hang out with!! It was fun, and we will have to do it more often this summer!! Your always welcome to come hang out in my nice cool house!