Monday, July 12, 2010


So these last few days have been rough for Piper! She has shocked her self twice in the last two days.....first time she unplug our fan and tried to plug it back in and she shocked herself and started to cry. The second time was today we have our dvd cord hanging down from the back of the tv we have been rearranging furniture and we moved the dvd player. We were out of the room and all of the sudden she starts screaming...sure enough the cord was wet, i actually got shocked when i touched it. Poor girl! Then she fell down from a chair in the kitchen earlier, she landed on her butt and hit her head on the fridge. I told Izaak a week ago she would be the first of our two kids to end up needing stitches. Lets just hope this string of accidents stop now!! Guess we need to Piper proof the house : (

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