Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Catch Up

So I haven't posted since christmas....ooops! So lets catch up!! Teigan started preschool in march and had his first graduation in june way to go teigan!! We have visited the zoo many times in the past 6 months! I will tell you one thing keep an eye on teigan if you take him to the zoo.....he hid pipers shoes in the trash can at the zoo and I had to dig them out! I guess thats better then having the whale save your sippy cup but thats a whole other story! Piper has grown up so much in the past 6 months she has been talking so much but only on her terms : ) if you ask her to say something she may refuse but when she wants to talk she chatters away!! We were sitting on the front porch the other day and there was an airplane that flew over head and as clear as day she says PLANE so cute! Although she does some new things that are not very impressive, we will just say the words finger painting and you can use you imagination! Teigan has been talking very well also he had tubes put in his ears in december, i can't believe how well he is doing now! I will add some more later!